Colourful Gardens Regensburg


What do we want?

The goal of our „Colourful Gardens Regensburg“ project is to build urban community gardens in different districts of Regensburg. Within these gardens, meeting places arise for all kinds of people that may not meet otherwise. 

„Colourful Gardens“ not only refers to the colour and composition of the gardens, but also to the colour and composition of the people creating them. We want to bring together Regensburgs people from all backgrounds: long-established and new citizens, refugees and locals, children, students, workers, retired people … Everyone who feels like being part is welcome! 

So far, five urban community gardens exist in Regensburg. One of them, the intercultural garden, has a decidedly intercultural focus (near the Tech Base in the Nibelungenareal) with refugees, migrants, and locals actively gardening together. Following that lead, our goal is to implement further intercultural gardens in Regensburg.

What do the Colourful Gardens signify? 


          Lived and lively neighbourhood

The Colourful Gardens are meeting places created and shaped by all the active group members. Depending on the interests and knowledge of all involved, different projects besides gardening can be realised. From garden parties, campfire evenings, building a herbal snail, cultivating fungi, building and fostering beehives to building a pizza oven, there are lots of possibilities. 

          Openness and tolerance

Community gardening can quickly lead to uncomplicated contact between people. Language barriers can easily be overcome while building and gardening together. Vital lived values for the Colourful Gardens are reciprocal communication and respect as well as cooperation at eye level. This means: together we will create an environment in which no kind of discrimination (racism, sexism, antisemitism etc.) will be tolerated. 

          Nature and climate protection

Right within and all over the city, small oases of serenity will grow, inviting you to not only come in contact with the neighbourhood but also with nature. The Colourful Gardens are therefore an active and concrete contribution to lived nature and climate protection. The city’s biodiversity will be nurtured right within the city; insects, birds, and other small animals will find food and shelter; old kinds of vegetable will be cultivated. Even more, growing food regionally, seasonally, and ecologically directly reduces CO2 emissions, especially compared to long supply chains. In the Colourful Gardens, biological principles and knowledge like permaculture can be taught and put into practice.
Digging in the earth with your own bare hands and literally harvesting the crops grown from your own work is much fun and balm for both body and soul. 

          Food sovereignty

Among community-supported agriculture and other initiatives, community gardens are an important example of how independent food self-sufficiency can look in cities.
Additionally, Colourful Gardens can have an important impression on neighbours and passers-by: they represent an attractive and simple alternative to industrial food production. 

Gardening is fun! 

Alone or in a group patch, we all sow & harvest & create in our gardens! 
Because gardening brings joy! And home-grown vegetables taste the best! 

Who can contribute? 

Everyone is welcome! 
Whether you are with or without refugee or migration experience, a family or a single person, old or young, with lots of gardening knowledge and experience or a novice – come and participate! Let’s bring Regensburgs neighbourhoods together! 

Because people are simply people. 

Date first kick-off meeting:

When?   Monday, 9th March 2020 7pm
Where? Transition Base, Keplerstraße 6
… also check out the events calendar.


If you have questions or are interested in further details, please feel free to contact us! 

Via Mail:
Via phone or in person in the Transition Base during office hours:

Transition Base

Tue.    10 am – 2 pm
Thur.   10 am- 2 pm

Keplerstraße 6, 93047 Regensburg
Phone +49 941 3816 26 28

Our Colourful Gardens Regensburg team is looking forward to you, your interest and our community garden year! 

Mutually, with joy and respect, we create our environment.



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